Media Buying

Problem: Purchasing advertising media space to meet an exposure target at minimum cost.

Media selection (or buying) is the problem of finding the best way to deliver the desired number of advertising exposures to the target audience by determining the most efficient combination of advertising media purchases. Even for small media budgets, there can be literally thousands of possible media schedules from which to choose. The task is to select from this set an effective schedule to become the media plan.

What'sBest! provides a natural format for analysing a media-selection problem. You can use it to find the media mix that will maximise the number of effective exposures subject to a set of constraints: the ad budget, minimum and maximum media availabilities, minimum desired exposure rates, etc.

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A great advantage of What'sBest! is that new plans can be generated quickly to show the significance of changes made in problem specifications.

You're a media buyer for an advertising agency. You need to minimise the cost while satisfying minimum exposure needs.

There are six target markets, Groups 1 through 6, and each requires a specified number of media exposures. There are five different media sources: the Times, Mirror, Tribune, Herald, and Post, over which the advertising dollars are to be allocated. Each of the media sources offers various combinations of exposures per dollar spent for each of the different target groups.

The objective is to determine how much of each of the media sources should be purchased to meet the exposure requirements at lowest cost.

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