Cube-IQ Optimiser/Optimizer
LD-3 and LD-7 containers and custom cargo trailers

CubeIQ loads 'rectangular' shipping containers and trucks - but - Cube-IQ is the only system on the market that loads all types of containers -  such as air freight LD-3's and LD-7's and custom cargo trailers.

Creating an Air Freight Container

Cube-IQ comes with several standard air freight containers already defined, however, from time to time you might need to add new air-freight container shapes to your system.

Cube-IQ uses 'height-points' to describe a container ceiling or floor that is not flat, such as an air freight container. So, firstly, you will have to set the type of height-points: 'ceiling' or 'floor'. You also have to set whether the cut-off corners (notches) are along the depth, or along the width of the container.

For each pair of floor co-ordinates on the container edge, where the (ceiling or floor) height changes a height-point must be defined. So, a height-point is a set of three numbers: a pair of depth-width floor-co-ordinates and a (ceiling or floor) height at that point. At floor co-ordinates where no height-point is defined, Cube-IQ will calculate the height through interpolation.

Besides setting the switches for ceiling/floor and along depth/width, you have to enter the various height points in the grid table of the Container window. Deleting a height point is done by placing the cursor in the row to be deleted, and hitting Ctrl-Del (which will be followed by confirmation).

Some more explanation by example:

    A container with a sliced-off corner on one side requires minimally six height-points.
    A container with sliced-off corners on both sides requires at least eight height-points.
    Rounded corners can be described by introducing several pairs of height-points along the curve.
    The container can only have sliced-off corners along its depth, or along its width, not along both.
    For an airline type container, there must in any case be one height-point for each corner of the container.

A container 80 deep, 120 wide, and 100 high, with a 'sliced-off' corner (down to 80 high) on the top-right hand side, would have six height-points.

Air Freight Container

    0 - 0 - 100 (point B) and 80 - 0 - 100 (point A) (that is, from back to front, 100 high on the left side, where width = 0)
    0 - 100 - 100 (point D) and 80 - 100 - 100 (point C) (still 100 high from back to front at width 100)
    0 - 120 - 80 (point F) and 80 - 120 - 80 (point E) (only 80 high from back to front, all the way at the right hand side, where width = 120)

Naturally, once you have defined your new container shape, it can be added to your Cube-IQ database and recalled at any time.

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