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The Global View FMS - System Map

The Global View Film Management System (TGV) allows Film Management System (FMS) users to combine multiple, MULTI-CURRENCY projects and produce consolidated Cost Reports - without compromising the audit trails for individual projects. FMS is a MULTI-CURRENCY computer software program designed for all types of film and television projects, but which is equally suitable as a budgeting and accounting system for all types of projects.

Who should use TGV? - TGV is the ideal solution for film and television companies working on projects with multiple production offices in the same country, or working on co-productions taking place simultaneously in several countries, or for companies that need a "snapshot" of their entire production portfolio combined into one overall "Work in Progress" report on a regular basis.

Flexibility - TGV maintains all of the currency rates being used on each "subsidiary" FMS project. This means that users can report on combined costs in any currency or all costs incurred in a particular currency across all projects.

TGV provides users with the ability to report against multiple budget formats and include or exclude report columns as required. This means that TGV can provide reports that meet (say) government requirements while using the same information to produce a Cost Report for co-production partners in their preferred format. Because TGV can retain all of the transaction and budget details from the individual FMS projects that are "feeding" it, combined reports can be produced in various levels of detail - down to transaction level if required.

TGV Components - It is not necessary for TGV to provide Accounts Payable, Payroll or General Ledger transaction processing functions. Information held by TGV includes outstanding commitments, actual transactions, production budgets and cost report variances for each production. All of this information, across all productions, is available to the TGV user, at various levels of detail. TGV provides users with a reservoir of project related information accessible in a few seconds. This is the ideal situation for the TGV user at Head Office who may be located thousands of miles from a production.

Cost Reporting - Like its companion product The Film Management System, TGV Combines cash payments, accruals, outstanding orders, and budgets to highlight production overages. Cost Reports print in minutes, for any accounting period, at any detail level, IN ANY CURRENCY - AND AT ANY TIME. The Cost Reporting features will save weeks of effort over a financial year. Percentage Complete reporting options allow you to see exactly where you are over or under budget in minutes. You can even export your reports to your favourite spreadsheet, database or word processor.

Security - Sophisticated password protection and full audit trails provide a bulletproof guarantee of security for Investors, Head Office or Completion Guarantors. TGV is robust - it will run on battery operated portable laptop computers as well as desktop computers in networked environments. Data protection and recovery techniques employed by the system mean you can recover from a power failure within minutes.

Hardware Requirements - TGV is Windows 95 through Vista compatible. Networked versions of the system are available.  (32-bit systems only).

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