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( If you want a custom version of FMSWeb, or you would like to integrate FMS with other systems, send us an e-mail.)

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FMSWeb Benefits

1) Saves time - Printing all of the information included in FMS Web would take far longer than using FMS Web ... and then there's the time you'll save on filing.

2) Saves paper - A complete transactions list might take 200+ pages. With FMS Web it is instantly available, instant searchable, and you can "cut and paste" details as required.

3) Improved Cost Reporting - All details supporting your Cost Report are included

4) E-mail ready - You can send a copy of all of these reports to Completion Guarantors and production partners in a few minutes. (Password protected e-mail is recommended)

5) Easy Archiving - You can build up a library of Cost Report snapshots over a period of time (if required). 

6) Intranet/Internet ready - You can easily publish your Cost Reports to your Intranet or the Internet (A secure site is recommended)

FMSWeb Top Menu Options

Home - Displays this page
CR Top - Top Sheet Cost Report
CR Subs - Heading Level Cost Report
CR Accts - Account Level Cost Report
This Per - This Period Actual Transactions
To Date - All Transactions to Date
Orders - Outstanding Orders
Accruals - Outstanding Accruals
Budget Index - Detailed Budget
Vars To Date - Budget Variances to Date
Vars This Per - Variances this Period
%Complete - Percent Complete Report
Balance Sheet - Balance Sheet
Trial Bal  - Trial Balance
Chart of Accts - Chart of Accounts

FMSWeb Tips and Tricks

1. Maximise your screen resolution: Many reports are best viewed with your screen resolution set at the highest possible resolution. If you can, set your screen resolution to 1024*768. 

2. Reduce browser text size: If you are using Internet Explorer, do this via the View | Text Size option to view wide reports on one browser 'page'.

3. Use Ctrl-F: When browsing a report, press Ctrl-F, type in the information you are looking for, and then click on 'Find Next' (Remember you can move 'Up' and 'Down' using the Ctrl-F options.)

4. Budget Report: The 'Budget" report option always puts you at the top of the Budget Index which makes it easy to navigate large budgets.

5. Use your browsers Back and Forwards buttons: These buttons put you back to where you were when you were last in a page i.e. you don't 'lose your place'.

6. To send an individual report: select the repot using your browser, and then, from your browser menu, select Tools | Mail and News | Send Page. Your e-mail client will open and you can then enter the recipients address and send the page.

7. To send all reports: Start WinZip and use it to create a ZIP file containing the FMSWeb folder. Then send the ZIP file via e-mail. (If you don't have WinZip, you can download a FREE version from

8. Customising FMSWeb: You can add and/or delete reports from FMSWeb (using an HTML Editor such as FrontPage or a text editor such as Notepad). If you want a custom version, or you would like to integrate FMS or FMSWeb with other systems, send us an e-mail.

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