How does Cube-IQ work?

Cube-IQ will help minimise the cost of shipping by ensuring that no shipping container space is wasted. 

Using Cube-IQ is straight-forward. 

All you have to do is let Cube-IQ know the number and size of the packages you want to pack or store, and the size of the container(s) you want to use. Cube-IQ does the rest.

The basic steps are outlined below - including highlighted links to screen shots from a sample job. 

1. Choose the container(s) that you want to use - Select a saved container from the Cube-IQ database, or create a new container by entering it's dimensions, weight limit, etc. Cube-IQ can load multiple containers of different dimensions in the same session. Container information can be saved for future use. 
See: Container Detail Screen and Job Entry Screen Slideshow

2. Select the packages you want to load - Select packages from the Cube-IQ database, or create new ones by entering dimensions, weights, and any packing restrictions that apply. Then simply tell Cube-IQ how many of each package you want to include. Packages you enter "on the fly" can be saved for future use.
See: Packages Detail Screen and Job Entry Screen Slideshow

3. Optimise - Once you have entered the boxes you want to pack, click on the optimise button. Cube-IQ takes it from there.
See: Optimizer Window, Container 1, Container 2 and Container 3

4. Print the Loading Instructions - Cube-IQ Loading Instructions provide you with a clear, step-by-step procedure of how to pack each container. A 3-dimensional box shows the way all boxes in each block are to be oriented, and colour coded box faces help to determine the rotation of the box from it's original orientation.
See: Loading Instructions

5. Print the Manifest - The Manifest tells you exactly how much of each product has been packed, by container.
See: Manifest Report

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