Cube-IQ Benefits Page | How does Cube-IQ work?

Cube-IQ for Freight Companies

Shipping Freight and Packing Optimizer - Cube-IQ

How can Cube-IQ help you to improve sales? 

On the face of it, Cube-IQ looks like it will COST freight companies money because it will reduce the total number of shipments you need to make ...but consider these Cube-IQ benefits:

- Increases your FCL (Full Container Load) client profits by reducing their freight costs per unit. Because Cube-IQ can save your clients money, why would they want to deal with anyone else?

- Reduces planning and packing labour. You'll save on packing labour and so will your clients if you provide them with Cube-IQ stowage plans. Make life easier for your clients and they'll keep coming back to you!

- Helps you to improve your clients packaging strategies. Price is just one part of the sales equation. By using Cube-IQ as a tool to add value to your client relationships, your dedication to a TOTAL service means that you become the standout alternative, you don't have to rely on just price.

- Produces easy to follow packing instructions to save on labour. Whether it's your own packing labour or your client's packing labour, Cube-IQ can pay for itself in a few days by reducing packing labour - and it keeps on saving you money.

- Generates clear shipment costing information for freight sales. You can use Cube-IQ as a "freight calculator" and generate quotations in a few seconds - over the phone or during your client meetings.

If you're still not convinced about why you need to invest in Cube-IQ, ask yourself how much business you can stand to lose by not providing your clients with maximum value for money.

Try Cube-IQ risk-free. 
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functional 30-day demonstration version of Cube-IQ

Cube-IQ Benefits Page | How does Cube-IQ work?

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