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Our packers have been doing this job for years. How could you possibly do better than them? A packer may do an adequate job of stowing one or two different sized boxes, but any more and you will almost certainly waste a large amount of space.

We only use pallets - how would Cube-IQ be any use to us? As far as Cube-IQ is concerned a container is any cubic area that you want to pack. A pallet is as much a container as a shipping container is. Using Cube-IQ you can optimise the stowing of products on pallets, and then optimise the packing of pallets into larger containers - quickly and easily.

We don't break down pallets because it is faster to load and unload. Cube-IQ doesn't require you to break down pallets, but you should consider doing so. With the optimised packing sequence report, the loading of loose boxes is considerably faster than normal because there is no guessing, or re-packing. You know exactly where everything belongs, and the people unloading know exactly where everything is. The gains made in the amount of product loaded and the associated reduction in freight cost per unit will often far outweigh the small amount of extra time taken to pack the container.

We have no control over how our containers are loaded. Cube-IQ gives you the ability to change this situation and control your own destiny. There is no reason why you should be at the mercy of inefficient packing. All you need to do is optimise your consignment and FAX the packers the optimised packing sequence report. It couldn't be simpler. Say good-bye to partially filled containers.

What does Cube-IQ cost? Cube-IQ is USD$2400 plus 10% a year for ongoing upgrades. Air Container optimization and rolls/reels packing are add-on options. Network licenses and site-licences are available. Customised links to existing system and to the Internet are also available. Contact us for details.

We don't transport enough goods for Cube-IQ to be cost-effective. If your shipping costs are more than $6000USD a month, then Cube-IQ will pay for itself within 6 months. That does NOT take into account the huge savings you will make on packing labour. Imagine how much money you can save by giving your packing team the least to follow packing instructions created by Cube-IQ. In many cases you can easily save 2-3 hours per packer per container.

You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain by checking out Cube-IQ.

Try Cube-IQ risk-free. 
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Cube-IQ Benefits Page | How does Cube-IQ work?

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