Cube-IQ Benefits
Save 10-15% on your shipping
costs by using Cube-IQ

Cube-IQ minimises your shipping costs by ensuring that no shipping container space is wasted - reducing your cargo, shipping and freight costs - permanently.  

Cube-IQ will also help you with packaging problems and space planning. 

Shipping Freight and Packing Optimizer - Cube-IQ

When you use Cube-IQ you can expect the following benefits:

Increase your profit by reducing your freight cost per unit - The average wasted space on bulk consignments of goods is over 17.5%. Cube-IQ will usually reduce this to 1% or 2% - and seldom more than 5%. That means that with Cube-IQ you can expect to be able to pack at least 10% more goods in the same space - whether your shipments are via land, sea or air!

Cuts planning times - Cube-IQ eliminates the time consuming task of manually producing packing plans by automatically creating easy to follow packing instructions.

Reduces administration costs - Automatic packing manifests means that producing clear shipment costing information is no longer time consuming or a nuisance. 

Links with existing systems and the Internet - Cube-IQ can be linked with existing in-house systems in a number of ways. Cube-IQ can also be linked with Internet-aware applications to enhance your competitive advantage in this brave new e-business world. 

Slashes your packing labour costs - Experience shows that in many cases you will easily save 1-2 hours per packing team member per container.

Saves you money on inwards shipping too - FAX or e-mail your Cube-IQ loading instructions to the company you are buying from. Say good-bye to partially filled containers!

Lets you make best use of your warehouse space - Imagine saving 20% on your warehousing requirements - you could easily save millions of dollars by not needing to move or expand your business. Could you do with 20% more FREE warehousing space?

Saves you insurance premiums - Cube-IQ helps reduce damage to goods because of a tighter pack, and saving you insurance premiums.

Saves time and money when unloading - Because you know exactly where items are packed, there is no need to spend time packing and unpacking containers trying to find "can't wait" items.

Gives you a sales advantage - Cube-IQ quickly lets you know ahead of time exactly how much "freight-free" space is available in a container. For exporters in particular, this provides the information needed for pricing flexibility so you can make those "last-minute" sales and ship a full container.

Helps ensure predictability - because salespeople using Cube-IQ can accurately predict the space requirements available for client's consignments, they know ahead of time exactly how much space they can fill - and sell it with confidence.

Helps you improve your packaging strategies - Cube-IQ can be used quickly work out the best-size of pallets within containers, and the best sizes for packages within pallets. The same two-stage process can be used when calculating packaging sizes for end-of-isle displays. You can identify container stow improvements as well as the manner in which you pack your products within various stock carton sizes. No more costly guesswork!

Improves manufacturing productivity - staff on the factory floor have a step by step set of instructions to follow that will let them get the largest number of boxes into a container in the most efficient order. The Manifest tells you exactly how much of each product has been packed, the net cost, gross cost (including freight overhead), weight of all goods, as well as the totals by quantity. Cube-IQ can be linked with manufacturing systems to further improve productivity. 

Try Cube-IQ risk-free. 
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functional 30-day demonstration version of Cube-IQ

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