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New Rules for the New Economy - Read this article if you want a picture of the future and what the Internet means for your business and your daily life. It's a long read but well worthwhile. - Help and information on making e-commerce work for your business. If you don't have Internet access, or you have slow Internet access, call 0800 NZECOM (0800 693 266).

Computers in Homes - The Computers in Homes Pilot Project aims to narrow the digital divide in less-advantaged New Zealand communities whose schools are in the Decile 1 socio-economic category. The programme is an initiative of the 2020 Communications Trust, with financial support from the Ministry of Education, volunteer support from tertiary institutions and community groups, plus paid support technicians. The project is administered by the 2020 Communications Trust.

2020 Communications Trust - The Objects of the Trust include raising the awareness and understanding of people in New Zealand (but particularly the people of Wellington) of the effect on the local and global community of the convergence of publishing, broadcasting, communications, information collection & dissemination.

Folkstone Design - Increasingly rural communities are organizing to implement cost effective broadband access as a component of their infrastructure. Who, what, why, where and when are good places to start. This page of links provides a myriad of great initiatives.

Mayors Taskforce for Jobs - This page outlines the work being done by the Mayors Taskforce for Jobs.

What are the benefits of getting online? - A general summary of the benefits - if you are unsure of the wider benefits of the Internet, start here.

The community benefits of Electronic Networking - This page discusses the Community development, Community information needs and social exclusion, Community information resources, Education and Training, Jobs, Electronic democracy and the Social role of community networks.

The benefits of getting connected - Discusses the main benefits for non profit organisations including Accessing information, Communicating, Collaborating, Achieving visibility, and more.

Demonstrating the benefits - Examples and links about the benefits of Information, Communication, Collaboration, and Visibility.

"Making the Net Work" - Making The Net Work aims to help those planning to get their organisation or neighbourhood online, or create local technology centres. For a series of idea starters from "Making the Net Work", click here.

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