Tokoroa Businesses
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Key Assets and Challenges

Existing Businesses
Multiple Media in District (Print and other)
Land and Building Prices
Transport Links and Location

Increase Customer Base
Overcoming Reluctance
Making it Work Properly
Make Benefits Clear
Getting People Connected (25%)
Figuring out our own objectives
Packaging with Voice – low costs
Regaining Market Share from Local workers who don’t reside in District

How are we unique

eCommerce - Cash Movement
eEmployment – Connected Staff 
eEmployment – Office /Building Base
Stand to benefit from increased Tourism
Too busy in town (Tension point between increased Tourism/Busy in town)

Why are we here

Opportunities for business
Keeping in touch with progress
Looking for things to help our business
How can we assist?

Our Images / Icons

Green – lots of images of activities
Welcoming town entrance – used a the icon
Project reasons to stop (in Tokoroa) – early warning

Local Activities that exist to build a sense of community

Biz Info

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