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Key Assets and Challenges

Vibrant Business Community
Existing School – 15 Computers – has own web site
Lots of individual web sites
People with talent / enthusiasm
Large Number in Community have Computers
Highest growth area in South Waikato – bounced back after losing banks / Post Office
Event Centre
Tirau is a tourist destination – the gateway to the South Waikato
“Hub” – meeting place - “meeting of the roads”

Getting Broadband to Tirau
Not being left out of the picture
Tirau Telecom Exchange
Have Tirau classified as a tourist destination. Everything is there except for Classification and Telecommunications

How are we unique

Unique because we have a lot of people with a lot of needs – young families, elderly people, access to medical facilities

Our Images / Icons

Cabbage tree is an icon within itself. 
Honey Ice cream, Sheep, Dog, Castle, Corrugated Iron, Good Shepherd, Antiques, Crafts, Cafes 

Local Activities that exist to build a sense of community

Large Industries – Richmond, Putetere, Excell (48 staff), Dairy, Hydroponics
Community activities are on all of the time
Tirau – attracts entrepreneurs
Great community Spirit
Have own guide dog – town raised $22000 in 18 months
Strong Community – pulls together
2 Golf Courses – Good Shepherd
Little crime
School Swimming Club
Tennis Club (100 members)
Temperate Climate

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