Social and Health
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Key Assets and Challenges

Understanding People
Access to knowledge and information / source
Variety of networking
Holistic approach to people’s awareness
Focus on the well-being of community
Mobility within the community
Supportive – without judgement
Appropriate Treaty focus

Establishing trust
Breaking down barriers
Education people – Health, Developmental needs
Gate keeping

How are we unique

Open mindedness
Front line
Nut about us – it’s about them
Focus on outcomes and process – not numbers
Facilitation skills
Communication skills

Our Images / Icons

Doves, Complete Man (as per da Vinci), Yin/Yang, Tapa Wha, Poutama, Southern Cross, Star of David?

Local Activities that exist to build a sense of community

Work on Health / Services Provider database
TCOSS Directory
Health Days
Local Newspaper
Sporting Activities

Things being talked about:
Social / Health sector networking afternoons
Collaborative JV’s
Recognised as an area needing work and improvement
Promotion of each other, of the need. Build links, reduce isolation, support for groups / people etc.
Central Theatre

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