Rural Businesses and Farming
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Key Assets and Challenges

Knowledge and Skills
Rapid adoption of new technology
Strong Community Networks
Strng Links with industry associations
Diversity of activity (e.g. Quad bikes and farm business)
Wider picture:
Land and Natural Resources
Processing Facilities
Central Location – Taupo North

Lack of ICT structure. E.g. bad phone lines, electric interferences, can’t get Jetstream
Lack of provider willingness to invest in rural infrastructure – cost
Terrain Shadows hinder communication
Selling the idea – e.g. tourism businesses – lack of capital
Wider picture:
Commodity prices create economic pressures
Environmental pressures – RMA
Social Isolation
Rural Education

How are we unique

Diversity of lifestyles
Reduced access to resources – e.g. cultural and social, Government Services
Diversity of industries – Forest, Pasture, Drinking Water
Outdoor Environment – Water, Forestry, Pastoral

Our Images / Icons

Fresh Air
Green, Clean
Open Space
Being own boss
Tourism – isolation – uncrowded
Tourism – cows and sheep

Local Activities that exist to build a sense of community

Sports and Recreation Clubs
Federated Farmers etc and Other Associations
Employment – Farming, Forestry, Rural Enterprises, Local Shops.

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