Community ICT Pilot Project Overview
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"Asset Mapping" Research

An integral part of the Community ICT project is "Asset Mapping". The four inter-connected research objectives of the Asset Mapping research are as follows:

  • Collate strategic issues related to the publicís use of ICT within Tokoroa.
  • Describe the current provision of public computer access points within Tokoroa. 
  • To describe the opportunities for, and uptake of, learning about ICT within Tokoroa. 
  • To describe the current provision and use of technical support for computers within Tokoroa.

 For an overview of the Asset Mapping component of the project, click here. 

Community Needs Assessment

The data for the needs assessment will be generated through a series of Focus Groups held with key stakeholders in the local community.

This process will build the research skill capability of local volunteers who will be trained and supported in organizing the focus groups, selecting key themes from the sessions and preparing the final reports. 

For an overview of the process used to assess Community needs, click here.

For a copy of the Needs Assessment Minutes from the meeting held 28/3/03, click here.

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