ICT Needs Assessment Minutes 28/3/03
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Present: Jan Symington [CEG]; Tere Muriwai [CEG]; Yvonne Carter [CEG]; Ingrid Leersynder [SWDC]; Irene Parminter [MAF]; Margaret Richardson [Waikato University]; Ngaire Gordon [Wood turners]; Robyn Tucker [Tokoroa High School]; Maree Kendrick [Waiariki Polytechnic]; Troy Ponsaing [Wananga O Aotearoa]; David Walmsley [Economic Development Consultant]. Absent friends: Jo Reyngoud [Community]

1. Update on asset mapping

Please note that the parts of the brief relating to Focus Groups will be amended in light of our discussions on the 28th.

2. Discussion about focus groups

a) Key issues:

  • A maximum of 8 participants per group
  • Realistic timeline for recruiting participants
  • Focus group sessions no more than one & half hours each
  • Consider the need for more than one focus group for each sector
  • Focus groups to be held in safe context for participants
  • If we want to use the groups to map assets this needs to be done as a short questionnaire rather than a focus group question
  • Questions should focus on ICT as a tool for doing other things rather than on technical specifics
  • Need to see the data generated by the research as an asset for the community, with data that could be sold and the research as real community knowledge
  • Reports on the research should include - summary of key issues from all the groups, including 'universal' needs and a summary of issues for each sector
  • Transcripts need to be made web searchable [e.g. key words identified] and included in a community database
  • All focus group work needs to be aligned with the steering groups promotions strategy as the sessions will raise participants knowledge of and interest in ICT

b) Costs:

  • Need to purchase good quality tape recorders which can be used for future community research
  • Focus group partcipants should not be paid as this is for them as community members
  • Good quality tapes are needed
  • Draft report of key themes from each focus group needs to be approved by members of that focus group
  • Report printing costs
  • Making the data searchable

3. Action plan

a) Preparation: April - May

  • Develop questions - Steering group, Jan, Noel, from sector groups notes. Thoughts from MTNW
  • Identify facilitators and number of focus groups for each sector - Steering group, Jan, Noel, from sector groups notes
  • Workshop for facilitators - what are focus groups, good practice, selecting questions, recruiting members, recording & note-taking, agreeing the timelines, setting interim meetings to 'touch base' with each other
  • Recruiting participants - focus group facilitators
  • "Catch up" session for facilitators to meet and touch base

b) Focus groups - June

  • Carry out focus group sessions, one facilitator and tape technician for each session

c) Creating reports - July

  • Translate and transcribe tapes
  • Margaret [Waikato university] reviews text and suggests themes
  • Workshop with facilitators to explore themes
  • Summary report of individual focus group sessions sent to participants for agreement
  • Final report of all sessions produced
  • Meta-tagging transcripts
  • Presentation materials produced
  • Launch research presentations
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