"Making the Net Work" Game Overview
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The "Making The Net Work" game (MTNW) is designed to help groups prioritise ICT projects.

Each group is given a set of cards. Each card represents an ICT related project. 

Each project card has a score (1, 2 or 3) that represents the degree of difficulty and/or cost associated with that particular project. 

The groups taking part in the Tokoroa game on 5/5/03 were provided with the same set of 25 cards. The group could choose any of the 25 projects, as long as the total score for all projects was less than 15.

Because the MTNW game imposes limits on each group, each group needed to collectively decide which projects are important to them. They also need to prioritise each project and provide a time frame for each project.

It all sounds way too simple - but it really works!

Click on each group to see the results. 

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