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Two representatives from Industry New Zealand, Mr David Penny and  Mr Mark Turney, attended the 28/3/03 Community ICT meeting and outlined the support available via Technology New Zealand.

Support from Technology New Zealand covers three broad areas:

  • To assist companies to find possible solutions to technical problems and help companies plan technology projects through access to information
  • To assist with funds to undertake focused technology projects.
  • To assist in developing people with relevant technical skills and the technical skills within a business

Technology New Zealand applies certain criteria when assessing projects for suitability and eligibility for funding. In particular, funding of Projects is assessed against:

  • "Stretch" - The uniqueness of the opportunity 
  • Capabilities - The ability to retain the Intellectual Property within the business
  • Endurance - The enduring benefit to the South Waikato District / Company

Applications for funding under the Technology NZ program is closing in the very near future (mid April). If you have a great idea that needs funding please download both of the following documents and submit your funding application. 

  • Technology NZ Concept/Guidelines Document (MS-Word format)
  • Technology NZ Funding Application Template (MS-Word format)

If you feel that the Application Template doesn't quite fit, DON'T WORRY. Simply fill in what you know and tell your story starting the current status of your project, the benefits of the project, and the expected outcomes from the project - and then send it to ASAP to:

Mark Turney
Industry NZ
Tel: 0-9-919 9201
FAX: 0-9-919 9001
Mob: 0-29-912 5068

If you need help with your application call Mark or contact:

Noel Ferguson 
Economic Development Manager
South Waikato District Council
Tel: 0-7-886 1804
FAX: 0-7-886 1719
Mob: 0-27-212 5072

All material supplied to Industry NZ or the South Waikato District Council is treated with the strictest of confidence. 

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