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COMPUTERS IN HOMES - working with families with children in low decile schools to provide them with PCs and cheap internet access. The children are teaching the parents how to use the internet with pretty phenomenal success. Parents are getting hooked .....are using email to keep in contact with family and friends in the Pacific Islands, are finding their literacy improving and taking up adult literacy courses, are using chat rooms to talk to people in their neighbourhoods at night where fear of crime stops them actually leaving their homes. Project run by 20/20 Communications Trust. National Co-ordinator in post and seeking new places to run the project.

CISCO training - CISCO are the world leaders in providing network technology. Their staff are highly paid and able to access on going training to develop their careers. Cyberwaka is a Maori project based on the East Coast which is making CISCO training available to young people. The success rate is very high and they are establishing CISCO academies across the North Island. Hamish Crooks (ex Tokoroa) is one of their partners.

Cyberwhanau - are working with the community of Te Kao to establish an on-line learning centre. They organised a show and tell a few weeks ago and profiled a number of activities including: a virtual marae which captured many of the histories of different iwi, videoconferencing to show how people can talk 'for real' on line, electronic Djing where people were encouraged to have a go at mixing tunes and downloading music, educational games and quizzes for children.

Daughters of The Pacific - a website called which provides information and links for women from the Pacific Islands.

Pasifica Net Project - developing a website filled with resources about the Pacific Islands and Pacific Island communities in New Zealand.

Addington Technology Centre - supervised shop front providing a range of computers and learning activities to local people.

Te Runanga O Turanganui A Kiwa - created a database to store historical and technical information about Maori landblocks in Muriwai, Te Karaka and Manutuke.

Tokomaru Bay Community Group Charitable Trust - established the first community based cybercafe in the country.

Dunedin Volunteers Centre - uses a database to record which funders they approached, what for, whether they received or were denied funding, when reports are due by and the time reports were actually sent.

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