Community ICT Meeting 6/5/03 - Self-Assessment
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This checklist, prepared for the Steering Group, is a tool to help identify our strengths and weaknesses as a group. 

If you area a Steering Group member, please take a few minutes to complete the form as honestly as you can, and bring it with you to the meeting on the 6th of May. There will be an opportunity to discuss your responses at that meeting.

Leadership Skills Need Some Help OK Good
Beginning new tasks, ideas, projects      
Getting people to work together      
Inspiring trust      
Persuading people      
Promoting change      
Taking risks      
Taking difficult decisions      
Seizing opportunities      
Spotting problems      
Solving problems      
Challenging ideas and actions      
Dealing well with crises      
Figuring out new ways of doing things      
Evaluating team effectiveness      
Assessing people’s needs      
Building a team      
Using the skills of others      
Giving feedback      
Speaking at meetings      
Conducting ceremonies      
Chairing a meeting      
Planning and Organising Skills Need Some Help OK Good
Meeting deadlines      
Co-ordinating tasks      
Managing time      
Deciding on priorities      
Setting goals      
Setting standards      
Setting deadlines      
Improvising / adapting ideas      
Keeping records      
Communication Skills Need Some Help OK Good
Listening intently      
Communicating clearly in speech      
Communicating clearly in writing      
Giving clear instructions      
Giving a good talk      
Being interviewed      
Stating your views to an authority figure      
Refusing to allow yourself to be manipulated      
Telling people how you feel      
Stating your views clearly      
Accepting different opinions      
Interpersonal Skills Need Some Help OK Good
Solving arguments      
Understanding how others feel      
Anticipating people’s needs      
Working well with a team      
Encouraging people      
Representing others      
Helping people to develop themselves      
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