Community ICT Meeting 6/5/03 - Agenda
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Monday 6th May - 9:00am to 4:00pm

Venue: Council Chambers, Council Buildings, Torphin Crescent, TOKOROA

Purpose: Community ICT Steering Group Training Day. Specific outcomes for the day include:

  • Clarification of "community involvement" meanings and approach
  • Clarification of project management processes
  • Clarification of strengths and weaknesses of the steering group
  • Meeting Dates/Times of sector groups
  • Prioritised issues for the steering group and sector groups.
  • A review asset mapping process
  • Identifying issues for focus groups

(Margaret Richardson from Waikato Management School (WMS) will be attending. WMS is providing Focus Group Training skills to Steering Group Members) 


9:00am Introductions and Welcome

9:10am What we want to achieve today

  • Outline of the days sessions
  • Issues from Steering Group members

9:30am Where does the Steering Group fit?

  • Review of the different groups involved in this process

9:50am What does the Steering Group do?

  • Ms Terry Grunwald and Mr David Wilcox review the "Making the Net Work" (MTNW) routemap, the various activities associated with each ‘stage’, and possible challenges. 
  • Where is Tokoroa on the routemap? Or, what we’ve achieved so far.

10:30am Morning Tea

10:45am Asset Mapping – a project in process

  • What's it all about? 
  • How it can inform the work of the steering group? 
  • Interim report from Mrs Belinda Sykes (Asset Mapping Researcher)

11:15am WORKSHOP – Managing multiple projects

Using a matrix to project plan for projects prioritized during the previous day's practice session.

12:30pm Lunch

1:00pm Issues and needs - feedback from the Workshop

Workshop groups feedback their draft plans and the issues arising for:

  • The steering group
  • The sector groups
  • The research group
  • The wider network

2:00pm From project to process management

Working through the issues from the previous session to consider the priority issues for the steering group and sector groups.

3:00pm Afternoon tea

3:15pm Review of the session

  • achievements
  • outstanding issues
  • date for the next meeting

4:00pm Close

Please note: Agenda Subject to Change without notice

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