Community ICT Meeting Notes 13th December 2002
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This meeting was held at the Putaruru Timber Museum on 13/12/02. About 35 people attended.

After a general introduction to the project,, Sector Groups were formed that were aligned with the South Waikato District Economic Development Strategy. 

The main areas within the Economic Development Strategy are:

  • Enterprise
  • River
  • Tourism
  • Infrastructure
  • Image
  • Forestry & Farming

In addition to the sector related discussion, a Research/Planning Steering Group was established for the project. The objective for the group is to establish the information required for the overall project and to liaise with each of the Focus Groups during the course of the project regarding ongoing research requirements. The initial members were Mrs Frances Campell (Councillor), Mr Tu Clarke (Radio Raukawa), Ms Irene Parminter (MAF), Ms Doralee Campion (Te Wananga), Mr Troy Ponsaing (Te Wananga), Ms Catherine Bryham (SWDC Libraries), Mrs Ingrid Leersnyder (SWDC), Mr Garry Brunton (Tokoroa Visitors Centre), Ms Cath Siely (Arapuni) and Mr Dave McPherson (SW News). 

Click here for a "raw notes" summary of the 13/12/02 meeting. 

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